Message to District Governors,
Vice-district governors
and Lions of Europe

We are now close to the end of the Campaign 100 and we wish to thank you all for your outstanding commitment and hard work.
However, we still have a gap to fill and we count on all our leaders to exceed our 100% target in the remaing weeks of the Campaign.
Keep an eye on the Worldwide Campaign 100 Progress Report, which is being updated every Friday.

Some of the most important and efficient strategies to reach our goal are:

  • Promote a massive participation to the LCIF Day on June 11, with a focus on help to Ukraine
  • Consider National 100’000+ USD projects (following a step-by-step process) - for which goals may also be met next year
  • District Governors end-of-year recognitions may be closer than you think - fill the gap!
  • Follow the recommendations of the CA4 Ukraine Task Force to coordinate efficiently our help through LCIF
  • Promote MJF recognitions in all clubs - you have a number of outstanding Lions worthy of recognitions
  • Promote Model Clubs - many are closer than they think, and should commit to fill the gap (3 years to do so)
  • Promote Major Giving - some may also be close and can commit to fill the gap (3 years to do so)
And remember: Send in all contributions or commitments before June 15 to allow LCIF to register and take into account all contributions and pledges for the final report in Montreal.

You will find below more details on show to submit National Projetcs

Many thanks, once again, for your commitment ahead of the finish line.

We looking forward to seing you in Montreal to celebrate together our success.

Your CA4 Campaign 100 International Committee
Chairperson Former President Pino Grimaldi
Vice-Chairperson PID Claudette Cornet
Vice-Chairperson PID Robert Rettby

Stages for Ukraine-oriented National Projects

Stage One: Concept proposal- to be approved by LCIF’s Programs Team before further steps

  • What is the project?
  • What vulnerable populations does it serve?
  • What organizations were collaborated with to identify this need?
  • How many people would the project serve?
  • What is the Lion involvement with this project?

Requirement: approval by LCIF’s Programs Team and Development Team

Stage Two: Submit Project Proposal

  • Detailed budget
  • Operational outline
  • Description of steps included to ensure the dignity of the population being served
  • Description of local Lion implementation committee and project management team

Requirement: approval by LCIF’s Programs Team and Development Team

Stage Three: MOU to be developed and signed by LCIF and Local Lions

Requirement: approval by Executive Committee

Stage Four: Submission by implementing Lions of regular updates on the project

Requirement: approval by Programs Team and Development Team

Stage Five: Project is closed when a final report is submitted

Requirement: approval by Programs Team and Development Team

A few links to LCIF Ukraine-related projects

Have a look at the clips taken from this months podcast about the help provided to local communities in Ukraine, thanks to the support from the Lions Clubs International Foundation.

In this sixth episode, we hear from:

  • Radu Cristea of the Lions Club of Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania in Romania about setting up a shelter for people displaced from their homes and his travels into Ukraine by road to deliver humanitarian aid.(link to podcast)
  • Serhii Denisenko, a member of Kyiv Lions, explains how aid is being co-ordinated and distributed in Ukraine with the support of Lions clubs across the globe.(link to podcast)

You can hear the full LION Podcast ‘Step Forward and Volunteer’ through the following link

All six episodes can be listened and/or downloaded from Podbean, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Radu Cristea from the Lions Club of Cluj-Napoca has produced a video clip (with subtitles) with Vania from Mykolaiv in Ukraine of the refugee centre

More to come soon.

Questions ?

Dont hesitate to reach out to us. Use our Contact Form

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