The Goal

The LCIF Day is an extraordinary Europe-wide event we are excited to present.
The goal of this initiative is, for all Lions Clubs in Europe, to be seen, giving our clubs and our service activities the visibility we deserve, as well as to raise funds for the Campaign 100.

This first European LCIF Day will be celebrated on and around June 12, with the purpose to:
  • Gain visibility and awareness for Lions in their communities, and throughout Europe.
  • Engage with the public, tell stories of our local and global impact, welcome new members.
  • Raise funds for the Lions Clubs International Foundation to empower Lions service.
We encourage all clubs across Europe to join.
Contact your LCIF District Coordinator to discuss your club’s participation.
LCIF will provide support to our clubs, such as resources, press releases or international promotion.

LCIF Day 2021 is an opportunity for the Lions of Europe to come together to demonstrate our spirit of unity and commitment to service. You do not want to miss that!

How the idea came up

Many countries in Europe, as well as in the rest of the world, are regularily organizing large scale coordinated events, allowing the clubs to showcase the outstanding service they provide to their commmunities, locally and world-wide. Naturally, supporting our global LCIF Campaign 100, the Lions of Europe, through the Lions Taskforce Europe, came with the idea to launch a Europe-wide Lions and LCIF Day.

Just to name a couple, the Lions of Switzerland organise every 5 years a National Lions Day, with close to all clubs participating, being out on the streets, on the markets and in the malls. The Lions of France also frequently organise a "Journée Nationale des Lions de France".
This year, both will be part of the LCIF Day. What about you? Come forward and tell us more about your club, your district or your national events.

Many Districts and Multiple Districts have embraced this idea and the momentum is growing. We are hoping to have clubs in all of our almost 50 countries in Europe participating, and in many countries we hope to have almost all clubs.

Imagine the visibilty we will get with our 9'300 clubs across Europe participating. It will be an amazing stage where the media and the public will realise the oustanding work our clubs are providing, answering the needs of our communities, locally and globally.

Club Events all over Europe

Our concept is to promote club activities. We want to see our clubs in action all over the continent.
Nonetheless, we need the Multiple District, the District and the Zone leaderships to be onboard for this exceptional event, to promote and support our clubs, to make sure all participate, by following up and coordinating the club activities.

Be creative and innovative

Our diversity, creativity, sense of innovation, and our comitment to serve, as more than a century has proven, will once again meet this opportunity to show who we are and what we do.
Our clubs will be all over our cities and our villages. The public and the medias will be amazed. The sky is the limit and we look forward to seeing you all in action.

LCIF Day 2021: Be Part of It!

You don't want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of History!
June 12 is just around the corner. No time to waste: Start planning now!

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