Why a Task Force

This Task Force gathers GAT and Campaign 100 Area Leaders to better coordinate our communication and, most of all, our actions, as to the help we are providing to victims and refugees in and around Ukraine.

The work of all our Lions clubs, districts and Multiple Districts is outstanding and shows our commitment to serve.
At the beginning of the war, the help was mainly provided to the impacted regions directly from clubs and districts.

It very soon appeared necessary to better coordinate our actions. A Europe-wide, and worldwide, coordination is missing.

A Task Force had to be established for that purpose.

The role of the Task Force is to gather all information on what has been done, on what the needs are, and on what available support (funds or goods) there is. And to match needs with available support. And most of all, strongly encourage all Lions to trust LCIF to coordinate our actions.


Members, Mission and Resources of the Task Force

The Task Force is a joint GAT and Campaign 100 inititative, demonstrating how LCI and LCIF can, even more efficitently, work together, as our upcoming Stategic Plan, Lions International, is setting forth.

Members of the Task Force

GAT Area Leaders :
PID Miklos Horwath, PDG Niesl Schnecker, PDG Heiko Dallmann,
Campaign 100 International Committee and LCIF Area Leaders :
PID Philippe Gerondal, PID Claudettre Cornet and PID Robert Rettby.

CA4 International Directors Daniel Isentich and Bent Jesperssen are participating, as available, and are regularly in touch with the Task Force, providing updates from all CA4 Directors.

LCIF Area Leaders Istvan David and Valentin Kravchenko are also closely working with the team.

The Task Force is supported by PIP Gudrun Yngvadottir and GAT CA4 Leader PID Elisabeth Haderer, as well as by the GAT and LCIF Specialists

To empower the mission of the Task Force, it is essential that all districts report past and current activities, availabilites and/or needs.
Coordination and a global picture of what Lions will contribute to the success of our endeavour.
Dont hesitate to send us pictures and success stories.

Some important resources and information

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