After the success in 2021, we were happy to offer a 2023 Online-Recognition Event

Given the success of the Online Recognition Event held in 2021, it was decided to launch a new edition. Last year, in 2022, all were focusing on finishing strong the Campaign 100, with the success we can all be proud of: Worldwide, we raised more than 325 Million USD, representing 108% of our target, and in Europe, we finhed second, after CA5, also exceeding or goal.

So, inspired by this success, a new edition was planned and took place on:
May 4, 2023, 17h00 CEST.

The event has been recorded. The link to access the recording in English is:
Find the links to the other languages here
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The purpose of the Online Recognition Event is to:

  • Showcase European projects supported by LCIF in each of our causes
  • Provide updates on projects helping the victims of the recent disasters
  • Thank members, clubs, and districts that have contributed to LCIF
  • Introduce Lion leaders who support service and impact through their work with LCIF and its grants
We lwere happy to engage with some of the many leaders of our service through LCIF. Their passion, values impact, generosity, and service are inspiring.
The CA IV’s Online Recognition Event was pre-recorded, but was streamed live, interpreted in all of LCI’s supported European, and with a live chat.

For those who could't join us at that time, the full recording remains available on YouTube.


More Information

This is an event you dont want to miss. If you couldn't be with us live, it is still possible to watch the recording anytime.
Important club and district donations to LCIF, empowering our help to the victims of the earthquake, have been recognised!


The event has been recorded and can be accessed, with interpreting in several European.

Resources and more

Links to the recording of the event

Choose the channel in you prefered language.


This event was also an opportunity to donate, ahead of May 4 and during the event. All donations go to support LCIF's projects helping the victims of the Earthquake in Turkey and in Syria. It is still possible.
To allow us to track your donations for that purpose, please use a special link, by scanning or by clicking on this QR-code:

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