How to contribute to the Campaign 100

There are many ways for Disttricts, Clubs and individual Lions to contribute to the success of this historical Campaign 100, and thereby allow our Foudnation to support our Lions projects. We are counting on a massive participation of our clubs to the LCIF Day, but in the meantime, find out what some of the other possibilities are.

Districts and Multiple Districts

Several countries in Europe have chosen to focus on national projects. All club and member donations supporting these Campaign 100 approved projects, also count towards model clubs and individual donations.
It is still possible to agree on further national projects and some might continue next year as well. There is a possibilty to anticipate next year's revenue by making a pledge before the official end of the Campaign.
Dont hesitate to contact our regional managment in Oak Brook to learn about how this can be done.
Besides, many districts and multiple districts contribute with generous donations from their surplus of revenue during the less active pandemic years, or with available funds indepedently of specific fundraising projects.

Clubs and Zones

There are many ways for clubs to contribute: Donations from available funds, from Covid related income surplus, from fundraising activities, from LCIF Day activities, which we expect to be impressive.
Recognizing our outstanding Lions, or others not ions, by awarding a Melvin Jones Fellowhship is also a way to donate to LCIF. We encourage all clubs to award at least one new MJF before the end of the Campaign.
All club donations count towards becomming a model club. Learn more about model cubs below, and how close your club might be. and about how District donations could also count for clubs towards model club.

Individual donations

We value all individual donations. Any amount is an encouraging token of the enthousiasm of our Lions for the great work of our Foundation. Accumulated donations amounting to 1'000 USD can be recognized with a MJF or an additional PMJF diamond.
There is a program for larger donors, such as Lead and Major donors, and Pledges made will be allowed up to three years to be met.

More about Model Clubs

Model Clubs lead by example as they raise funds through strategies such as:

  • Dedicating a fundraising event to Campaign 100.
  • Participating to a national or district fundraising event.
  • Making a donation to LCIF from the club treasury.
  • Asking members of the community to make a donation.
  • Asking individual members to make a donation or pledge.
  • Recognising your outstanding members by awarding a MJ Fellowship.
  • Inspire other clubs to become Model Clubs.

How close are you to becomming a
Model Club?

Your club might be a lot closer than you think, and filling the gap could already be at hand. Let us consider an example:

Say your club counts 30 members. Chartered a long time ago, you have a few privileged or honorary members. So, let’s consider you have 26 active members – which is what counts.
Your club has already contributed to the Campaign 100 during the previous 3 years, through fundraising projects, participation to district or national Campaign 100 fundraising projects, club donations, donations of your members, or by awarding Melvin Jones Fellowships. Let us say your contributions so far has amounted to the equivalent of 7’000 USD.

As you commit to becoming a Model Club, you have three years to meet this commitment. In this example, it would mean your club would commit to donate only 2’000 USD per year for the next 3 years.
Doesn’t that sound more than feasible and a great reason to decide to support the LCIF Campaign 100 by committing your club to beeing a Model Club?

Our goal is to have at least one Model Club in each of our zones. Your club could be the one!

Our LCIF Regional Staff will be happy to let you know how close you club is.
Just send us a message, using our contact form .

In the meantime, to find out more about Model Clubs, you can download the brochure by clicking on this link

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