Winter 2023 - there was a huge need for generators!

Last Winter we joined our forces to support schools and kindergartens with a huge success! After 3 months, the result was astonishing: Over 2260 generators, over €1,5 million collected,13 participating European countries, over 300.000 children in Ukraine helped! Read the full story: Winter is coming to Ukraine part 1

This winter we need to join our forces once again to build and deliver wood running stoves to the households of southeast Ukraine,
together with LCIF!

There is a huge need for stoves in the southeast Ukraine. As gas or diesel fuels are scarce, people need to use wood to cook their food and warm their homes. We are proud to say that we have Lions involved all the way, from the production till delivering to the families in Ukraine! We have 100% LIONS control joint LCIF project.
This LIONS LCIF stove meets all needed requirements: it is effective, made of steel, perfect for heating, it has a big surface to cook food, it has ash box to collect ashes and to control the draft, it comes with instruction manual included, both in English & Ukrainian.

The cost is only €150 per unit!

For that you get a stove made in Finland, transported to Kharkov, Pavlograd, Zaporizhia in Ukraine and delivery to families in need!
Stove will also have a huge LIONS LCIF Logo, laser engraved on the cooking surface, so user will be reminded every day that we LIONS LCIF, helped!

Just DECIDE the number of stoves and DONATE!

Account/IBAN FI85 5006 0420 0551 57
Okobank Alavieska, Keskustie 7, 85200 Alavieska, FINLAND
Account holder: LC Ylivieska Finland

We are collecting funds and sending the donations to LCIF, with detailed list of donors, twice a month.
All donations are MJF eligible

REMEMBER: It is mandatory to put in the “Subject” field the ID and the name of Lion, Lions Club, Lions District and MultipleDistrict!

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