Victims and Refugees Need your Help

Given the rapidly changing situation, this page is regularly being updated.

We are all shocked by the dramatic situation in Turkey and in Syria, after the recent earthquake. which has affected a 100,000 sq km region. Ten large cities and around 30 smaller cities were severly hit. Around 200,000 buildings have been destroyed or damaged, leaving an estimated 1.5 million people homeless.

Lions want to take action and are eager to meet the needs of victims in these stressful times. There are many ways to help. The purpose of this page is to allow to coordinate our efforts.

As Lions, our help will be most effective when it is coordinated. LCIF was designed for this type of assistance. Our experience with disasters, with the support of our global Lions community, allows LCIF to be the very best channel for our efforts and support. We know that 100% of donations received are directed toward our projects, and that our programs team in Oak Brook evaluates projects for their impact and efficiency as part of their process for stewarding donations.

Being almost daily in contact with two comittees in MD118, one for imediate relief, and one for meeting longer term needs, an approach to working with the government and the NGOs has been established, as well as setting priorities, strategies, and plans.
Many MDs in Europe are already working in that frame to contribute to our global and coordinated efforts. The two comitees includes MD118 Lions leaders, PIDs, members of the Council of Governors, committed Lions, skilled professionals, lawyers, etc.
Is your club considering to provide help? Contact you District or your MD. Is your District or MD considering to provide nationally coordinated help? Be in touch with our international organisation to coordinate internationaly as efficiently as possible.
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The victims Need your Help.
Make a donation to LCIF specifically reserved for disaster relief. If you wish to support the victims of the earthquake, or if you want to support a particular project, please send a copy of your donation, or the donation receipt, by e-mail to the LCIF Donors Assistance with your instructions.
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How our help to the victims is coordinated

Very soon, you will find here more detailed information on the work of the two committee in MD118 Turkey, identifying the needs, coordinating the help, and directing donations to LCIF for coordinated and efficient actions.
in the meantime, you can already find the report of the latest coordinating meeting.

Ongoing help

You can find pictures and videos, with this link, showing the extraordinary help immediately provided to the victims of the earthquake.
Among them, the tents from the Lions of MD101, Sweden, sent just a few days after the disaster.

You can also learn about other oustanding ongoing help on this webpagee dedicated to the victims ofthe earthquake.

Saturday June 10:
European LCIF Day

A massive participation of all clubs to the next LCIF day is more important than ever.
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