Victims and Refugees Need your Help

We are all shocked by the situation in Ukraine and are eager to meet the growing needs of victims and refugees.

It is natural for Lions to want to take action and to offer help in these stressful times. Our community of Europeans Lions is displayed extraordinary solidarity during this crisis.
There are many ways to help, for Districts, Clubs, and individual Lions.
The purpose of this page is to efficiently help and coordinate our efforts.

As Lions, our support for Refugees in Ukraine will be most effective if it is organised. LCIF was designed for this type of assistance. It's experience with disasters, and with our global Lions community makes it the perfect channel for our efforts and support. We know that 100% of donations received by LCIF are directed toward projects, and that LCIF’s programs team evaluates projects for their impact and efficiency as part of their process for stewarding donations.

Victims and Refugees Need your Help.
Lions International, the world’s largest humanitarian service organization, is working to provide assistance to the millions of men, women and children that have fled their homes due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

As of May 18, A total of $1,740,000 in grant funding has already been awarded to Lions serving in neighbouring countries and in Western Europe to help support Ukrainian refugees, out of a total of $2,800,000 donations to LCIF, not including direct help from clubs and districts.
More is currently being raised and will be transfered to continue empower LCIF.

European Task Force to Help Ukraine

A joint GAT and C100 Task Force has been established to coordinate all Lions help and communication.
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June 11 : European LCIF Day for Ukraine

A massive participation of all clubs to the next LCIF day is more important than ever.
Make sure your club participates
It will be on Saturday, June 11

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Some of LCIF's ongoing projects
and grants already awarded

LCIF is supporting European countries where Lions are hosting families who have fled the war in Ukraine.
War is a tragically unique crisis. It can last a long time, with many variables and sudden shifts in priorities. LCIF’s programs were developed in collaboration with local Lions and are designed to anticipate an extended conflict with changing needs. LCIF staff expects to monitor and evaluate these projects for several months and years into the future. Your donations to LCIF will allow staff and Lions working together to plan for the resources available, and will signal to our community of Lions around the world that the Lions of Europe believe in this work.


Lions Clubs International Foundation updates

LCIF is awarding grants to Lions supporting Ukrainian refugees who have crossed their borders. Lions in Ukraine have also received LCIF grants to address the critical needs of people who remain in the country. Grant funding will enable Lions to purchase and distribute immediate relief items, such as food, clothing, hygiene supplies, sleeping bags and medicine.
All donations – 100% – benefit grants and programs and qualify for limited-edition Campaign 100 recognition and Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) or Progressive MJF.

Visit the LCIF webpage with the Lions
Response to the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

  • Grants awarded – See a full List of Grants awarded to date. Come back to this page as this list is growing almost daily and is regularily updated.
  • Applying for grants – Lions districts in Europe who are directly serving refugees may qualify for grant assistance. Please contact LCIF at
    for more information.
  • Refugees and Displaced Persons Funds – LCIF is actively collecting donations to its Refugees and Displaced Persons fund, which will help ensure that Lions are there to help them find the safety and security they desperately need.

How to Provide Help or Ask for Help

Lions contact LCIF regularly to ask how they can support refugee efforts. Lions also ask about potential grant support for refugee relief. Staff is working with leadership in each country to develop project plans for LCIF to support Lion-led distribution of immediate needs. Care packages include food, water, hygiene items, and clothing. The target amount for these initial emergency grants is US$15,000 and can be awarded in a few days. LCIF will continue to work with Lions in the adjacent and surrounding countries to evaluate needs, and the potential for Lions to help.

If your district is currently raising funds and you have a project to submit or are looking for a project to support, an understanding can be aggreed with LCIF, for projects of more than 100'000 USD. Find out more here about National Project Approvals.

If you need help, if you want to help, or if you are asked how to help, use our Contact Form to be in touch with us.

Our most efficient help is coordinated help.

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The success is in your hands

Report your stories and your projects allowing us to have a global comprehensive picture of what Lions International is doing for Ukraine.
(You can use the Contact Form at the bottom of the lcifday home page)

Trust your Foundation to coordinate.
LCIF, with more than 65 years of experience and through grants for a total of more than 1 Billion USD, has the expertise to make sure our efforts are selected and achieved with due diligence, from the assessment of the needs, to the monitoring of our help and the evaluation of the results.
As with all NGOs, coordination is the key to successful help.

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