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This year, Lions helping the Ukrainian refugees and the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and in Syria will be the theme of the LCIF Day 2023

There are dedicated pages for relieving the victims of both disasters, with usefull information as to how to help and how LCIF can efficiently serve as coordinator:

Visit Lions Help Ukrainian Refugees and Lions Help victims of the Earthquake

What is a LCIF Day?

The mission of Lions Clubs International Foundation is to support the efforts of Lions clubs and partners in serving communities locally and globally, giving hope and impacting lives through humanitarian service projects and grants.

The LCIF Day is an extraordinary Europe-wide event. The goal is, for all Lions Clubs in Europe, to be seen, giving our clubs and our service activities the visibility we deserve, as well as raising funds for the LCIF . The LCIF Day is an opportunity for the Lions of Europe to come together to demonstrate our spirit of unity and commitment.

Given the success of the first LCIF Days 2021 and 2022, it has been decided to renew the initiative for 2023. Planning has begun, with a Steering Committee, composed of committed leaders from across Europe.
The next LCIF Day will be on Saturday June 10, 2023

This page is regularly updated.. You will find here resources, stories, and latest information.
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Latest International News

There are landing pages for our Help for Ukraine, and for our Help to the victims of the earthquake, both regularly updated.

You can also find here the Power Point LCIF Presentations at the two latest EFs.

More information and resources will be uploaded as available. Welcome back!

Online Recognition Event
Save the Date!

This extraordinary on-line event, will be on May 4, 2023 and is currently planned.
A dedicated landing page will soon be on-line. Stay tuned!

Some hints for your best fundraising strategies

In preparation - Come back soon.

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Links to useful resources

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The Campaign 100 was a succees, in the world and in Europe

Worldwide, we raised more than 325 Million USD, representing 108% of our target.

CA IV, Europe, also exceeded the target, ending second best Constitutional Area,,after CA V

Let us be inspired by this success and how we reached it. You will find in this section some final results and reports on the Campaigne 100 in the world and in Europe

C100 Progress Update, as of May 20, 2022
(No progrees reports were issued in June 2022)

C100 Quarterly Progress and Final Results

Campaign 100 Individual Recognition Program

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Donating to LCIF: Empowering Service

There’s a world in need and caring Lions are ready to help. Comfort and compassion alone can’t heal those suffering. It takes funding. It takes donating to LCIF. With every Lion worldwide both doing and giving, we're increasing our service impact towards those who desperately need our help.

Thank your for being part of our historic US$325 million effort during the Campaign 100. Let us continue to allow LCIF to fulfill its mission to support our clubs and districts in this endeavour.

This donation link will allow you to make a donation to LCIF specifically reserved for disaster relief. If you wish to be more specific, to support the victimes of the war in Ukraine, or the victims of the earthquake, or even if you want to support a particular project, please send a copy of your donation, or the donation receipt, by e-mail to the LCIF Donors Assistance with your instructions.
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Success Stories

Due to restrictions in 2021 and 2022, Lions in most countries in Europe had to adapt, resize or even, for some, postpone their planned events. Nonetheless, the creativity and the engagement of the Lions of Europe were amazing, encouraging us to start planning for the 2023 edition.
You will find below some of the remarkable reports we have received so far.
Do you have any great stories or plans to share? Let us hear from you! Your contributions to this website with messages, projects, events or success stories are most welcome.
Click here to know more
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The German National Lions Foundation (SDL) and the Lions of MD111 are helping the victims of the earthquake

As for the help to the victims and the refugees of the war in Ukraine, the help of the Lions of Germany is coordinated through the German National Lions Foundation.
MD111 and the SDL are providing relief to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and in Syria. As of March 21, more than 1'230'000 EUR has been raised. You can find out more with this Power Point presentation. This presentation is currently being tramslated and you will soon find here the updated English version in English,

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Lions of Sweden and Lions of Turkey working together to build a tent village

The Lions of MD101, Sweden, with grants from LCIF, has tents ready to be shipped whenever a disaster occurs.
Just a few days after the terrible earthquake, tents were in place and shelter could be provided to homeless victims. At the same time, the Lions of Turkey were on site to serve food and provide first necessities. An extraodinary demonstration of the reactivity of Lions.
Find pictures and videos here

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Lions Club Cluj Transylvania and the Lions of Romania have been helping the victims of the war since the first days, and are now planning a logistic center

LC Cluj Transylvania has been working since the first week of the war to deliver aid to the internally displaced Refugees in Ukraine by driving materials directly to the beneficiaries, overcoming the challenges of delivering inside the war zone.
Have a look at this remakable video.
The Lions of Romania are now working on a project to create a Logistic Center for the goods coming from Romania as well as from other countries or from LCIF that can be broken down, re-packaged and shipped directly to the schools, hospitals, hostels, shelters or other locations that require aid.
The LC Cluj Transilvania, together with D-124 Romania, and with the guidance of the GAT and LCIF Area Leaders 4C, have been working on a plan that covers this activity and on finding answers to the questions raised at the Zagreb EF.
Download the project description with this link.
This plan is currently being reviewed. Come back very soon to know how you could support this project.

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Lions Clubs across Europe help Ukrainian children to keep warm

By the end of February, more than 1,800 small power generators had already been delivered to Ukraine through a unique fund-raising project that has involved hundreds of Lions Clubs in 13 different European countries.
According to the latest report on March 17 (link to found below)
more than 2,200 power generators of between 3 and 9 KW have been delivered to Ukraine since last December through a unique international fund-raising project worth over €1.5 million.
The vast majority of the generators donated by the Lions Clubs have been set aside for schools, kindergartens and orphanages all over Ukraine to allow them to cope as fast as possible with the frequent blackouts, which have paralyzed up to 50% of the country’s electric infrastructure. (full report)

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Lichtblicke für Kinder in Ethipopia
MD 111 - Germany

A German success story for 11 years now has been the project “Lichtblicke für Kinder”, which is carried out together with the Christian Blind Mission e.V. and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Thanks to a cooperation with the RTL Foundation, the German Lions are able to build children's eye clinics, equip them with the necessary equipment and thus improve eye health in other developing countries, primarily in Africa. (full report)

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LCIF Day in MD 108 - Italy

Among the many successful events in MD108 during the LCIF Day, the report we received from the Italian Leos makes us very proud. The passion and the inspiration of our Leos are exemplary. You can find their full report with this link .(9 Mb!)
Besides, do also visit the Facebook page "Friends who Like LCIF Day 2021”

More Club or District Project soon to be found here.

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